Currently at Birkbeck, London...

Associate Lecturer in English and Film

'Writing London' module - BA English Literature degree (Sem 1 and Sem 2)

NEW ** ‘Connecting the Arts’ BA Arts and Humanities (Sem 1 and Sem 2)

'History and Theory of Screenwriting', MA Film degree. (Sem 1 - completed)

Torrington Square, Bloomsbury. Senate House Library (centre) and Birkbeck College (right)

Torrington Square, Bloomsbury. Senate House Library (centre) and Birkbeck College (right)

What students say...

"Fascinating module, great film and TV material used. Excellent lecturer."

"Lance was v.good at challenging us to think critically in class."

"Good strong theoretical overview with wide scope....Good at creating imaginative ideas for research...engaging teaching."

"Enthusiastic, engaging lecturer." (1)


I have 25 years of teaching experience in British and Irish universities on literature, media and cultural studies courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level. My specialism is Irish cinema, TV and cultural history, though I currently teach English Literature, Humanities and Film.

 I have been a visiting professor in Irish Studies at the universities of Barcelona (2007/8), Sao Paulo (2010/11) and Universität Wien, Austria (2016) where I taught  a Proseminar course on 'Writing the Revival, 1870-1921' and an MA 'Staging and Screening Ireland' course. I held a Honorary Visiting Research Fellowship at Queen’s University, Belfast between 2007-2010.


(1) Source: Birkbeck, University of London Student Module Evaluation Forms 2016/17. 


Addressing a conference 

Doctoral supervision - University of Surrey

I have supervised two PhDs to successful completion and externally examined several PhDs at British, Irish and US universities. I am currently an external supervisor  for two doctoral students registered with the University of Surrey:

  • Mike Mecham is COMPLETED his PhD on William Walker (1871-1918), the Belfast labour organiser, and relations between the British and Irish labour parties in the period (Feb 2018). [Mecham PhD]

  • Anna Zaluczkowska has her PhD by practice VIVA in Oct 2018. Her thesis explores how transmedia might facilitate new ways of creating post-Troubles drama narratives. She has published peer review articles, e.g. Journal of Screen Writing