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I’d like to thank John T. Davis for permission to use his photographs ‘Hotshot highline’ from Hobo (1994) and ‘No man’s land, Oklahoma’ from Route 66 (1985). I am pleased to acknowledge Cia Ludens, Beatriz Kopschitz Bastos, and Maria Zoet for her photograph of the Clark Gable book launch at Livraria de Vil, Sao Paulo (2013) and the DVD shots in the ‘Ireland on Film’ series.  Dawn O'Connor did the 'Green Millennium Wheel' shot for the CIS banner image. I’d like to acknowledge the support of Prof. Laura Izarra at the WB Yeats Chair in initiating Irish film ‘mostras’ in Brazil and Humanitas at University of Sao Paulo for publishing the first two volumes of the ‘Ireland on Film’ series and EduUFSC Editora at the Federal University of Santa Catarina, Florianapolis, for enabling the project to continue and hosting the ‘Irish Lives’ seminar and festival. Thanks are due also to Ruth Mellor and her team at St Mary's University for its work on publicity photos at various events, to  Leeds Met (now Leeds Beckett) University, and to the cultural and funding bodies that have enabled my work to take place, some of whom are represented below or elsewhere on this site. 


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