Gast Prof Goodbyes

I have completed my Gast Prof. period at Vienna. L Any students who submitted their essays to me in hard copy, these have been graded and the original essay is held by Ulrike Zellinger, departmental administrator. You can access the essay for summary and detailed comments that I have made. According to the regulations, essays have to be retained by the Department.

If you submitted to me by email, then I will reply electronically with an annotated version and your grade. The final grades will be submitted on 1 July, unless you are completing a longer Bachelor’s Thesis. I cannot accept any outstanding work except these theses after Friday 1 July. I have asked for the University to contact you with its online survey for your evaluation of the course and I encourage you to provide feedback. Thank you.

If you email me via my UniWien or my personal website I can provide you with your seminar assessment, essay and overall grades. Do bear in mind that I will take some vacation and have two conference papers to prepare if there is a delay in replying. If you are interested, continue to follow things Irish Studies I’m on Twitter @CISLondon

Many thanks and have a great summer. Lance Pettitt