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[Feb 12] At last night's Soho press-screening of John Carney's new film Sing Street. "Happy-sad" movie that hits the spot. Teenage first love, let's put a band together plot; engaging ensemble performances from a great cast. Set in Dublin in 1985, in Synge Street - sing street, geddit? - and dedicated to 'brothers every where'. Really is worth checking out when it gets its release here in the UK. If you liked The Commitments and Once, this movie is in the same territory. It looks good, the sound is great and as ever, some of the scenes of music being made at different stages of composition are winning and sweet: some of the tunes catch bitter-sweet torment of teenage love really well.  It is also a film about Ireland and emigration - looking back to the mid-1980s, I wonder what Generation Emigration audiences will make of it?  4/5 stars. Here is the Variety review from its Sundance screening [Sing Street].