First day in Vienna at Uni Wien

Fascinating day in the library in Anglistik und American where 'Irish' materials are located. Hof 8 on the vast campus that is UniWien. Many thanks to the highly knowledgable Karin Lach for giving me a fantastic briefing of what's here. My first impression at the end of the afternoon is that this is a fascinating collection and a testament to Wien's commitment through its dedicated scholars to build up Irish books here over two generations. One of the courses, a Proseminar (undergraduate course), that I'm teaching in the coming semester is 'Writing the Revival' and there is an impressive set of primary texts from the 19hC - Somerville & Ross is particularly notable. I'm also in love with the way they have purchased  entire runs of say the Cornell Collected Yeats.. stunning.. and all of Colin Smyth's life's work of publishing Irish materials and more recent book series on Irish Studies. As ever, it is always interesting to see how where authors are placed - within British Literature, within IS, or in IL 'Irish Literature' - a history of the subject in itself. Read Margaret Kelleher's 2011 essay on the shift from Libraries, to Anthologies to Data Bases in Irish Studies today.. setting my afternoon in an admirable critical context. Check out the UCD digital humanities project there under her directorship.